Avoiding Foreclosure

We know that trusting someone to give you advice on what might be the toughest situation you’ve ever been in can be difficult. That is why we want you to know you’re in good hands. More than just us telling you, we’d like you to hear it from some of the people our company has helped in the past. The video to the right shows real-life homeowners who were facing foreclosure and trusted us to make the best of their situation. Press play and see what we were able to do for them…


I would like to convey to others who maybe facing a Foreclose and doing nothing.

The problem will not go away, it will only get worse. Take action.

My ex wife was several years behind in her mortgage payments and was going to walk away from her home and take the loss.

I didn’t know what her situation was and one day she contacted me and asked if I could return a call from Mr. Samuel, who had reached out to her in an temp to purchase her property.

Well I contacted Mr. Meth and he said he could her help out of her situation by purchasing her home as is. Well to say the lease we were very hesitant to believe him, but I encouraged her to at lease give him a chance. It was not a Scam!

He explained the process of the Short Sale and we gave it a shot.

We were located in California and the property was located in New Jersey, which made it even more challenging. But we followed the instructions and trusted them to do what they had promised. The process took about eight (8) months but they were able to add themselves on the Title and negotiate with the Bank the sale price. The sale was approved and we closed.

My ex wife was released from the loan, the sell went through and she is now able to start her live over again.

I would recommend Sam’s Housing Solutions as an alternative to losing your home.

Thanks Again.

Sylvester A. Wilson, Jr.
exp Realty of California, Inc

Time is of the essence. The quicker you act, the better-off you will be.